Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pumpkin Pie Spice Soy Jar Candle with daisy cut lid 12 ounce Fall Thanksgiving $12

Pumpkin Pie Spice Soy Jar Candle with daisy cut lid 12 ounce Fall Thanksgiving

A favorite with customers. The pumpkin pie spice should not be relegated to Fall only. It is just too good to wait for. In fact, I have two burning in my living room as I list this posting.

The fragrance is gentle but you know it is there. A nice blend of sweet and spicy.

Diane from New York tried this one and she said:
" I have to tell you that your pumpkin pie spice candle is THE BEST SMELLING CANDLE i have ever had... and I am very persnickety about scented candles. I usually only buy (brand name), but yours are just soooo much better♥ And the second best smelling candle ever is your lavender candle. ah bliss!
You've spoiled me for lesser things, girl;-}"

I make all jar candles with hemp wicks.
This is a candle design I have made for years and it burns neatly and cleanly top to bottom. For the best results just trim the wick before lighting each time. You'll be delighted!

You are welcome to request no coloring if you prefer it in white, otherwise it is a soft orange color.

For more information on Good Neighbors Candle Co. and the candle making process please stop by my website at .

Feel free to ask any questions may have prior to purchase. I'd love to hear from you!       


Becky K. said...


Thanks so much for sharing my candle on your beautiful blog. I wish you much success here and a very blessed day!


MYSAVIOR said...

I LOVE Becky's candles. I will never buy a candle anywhere else. :o)


Tricia said...

Becky's candles are absolutely awesome (or 'zero cool') as the gals are saying on our forum! Planning on Becky for some Christmas gifts here. Wonderful blog feature!

krafterskorner said...

Thanks for featuring Becky! Welcome to the CAST!