Monday, April 15, 2013

In Memory Of....

There is no explanation as to why the tragic event in Boston happened today.  My prayers go out to all who experienced that tragedy.

God is so much bigger than anything we can imagine and HE knew this was going to happen.  Our human side is always trying to figure out why stuff like this happens and why God allows it to happen.  All I can say is who am I to question.  I am but a small tiny human among God's creation.  The reality is that HE allows things to happen for HIS glory no matter what we think!  Christians, keep seeking HIM a midst the storms!

These finds are inspired by those hurting.

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These 3 heart-shaped, mini pillows are hand stitched with scripture from 1 Corinthians 13, "Faith, Hope, Love." Each pillow is hand stiched with black DMC floss on to parchment color muslin. They are approximately 3 1/2" (9 cm) tall by 4" (10 cm) wide. The backing is a black and light cream ticking. (The ticking is printed onto regular cotton fabric.)

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WEARABLE ART. Custom Cuffs. These bracelets are stunning and unique. 

Hope & Healing is an inspirational message for someone dealing with an illness, someone who has survived a serious illness. This message has a positive attitude that is so important for healing. 

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Antiqued Set of 4 Stone Coasters

This coaster set holds the image of a beautiful Cross and the simple word, "Hope." What an inspirational image and word! The Cross is our Hope! This natural coaster has been hand-stamped, hand-painted and inked with numerous permanent, and fade-resistant inks. It has also been heat-set for extra durability. Espresso and gold give this creation an antiqued appearance. Blessings!

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Prayer is the key for our doesnt mean that all our prayers will be answered right away, but they will be answered in the perfect time.....

All pendants have been hand made by me.
This is a 1 inch Glass pendant with a ball chain that will arrive in a beautiful organza bag.

Promo-Buy 2 pendants and get 2 silver snake chains.
Buy any 3 and get 3 silver plated chains and a 4th design for free!
(When you place your order, buy 3 and send me a message and tell me which design you want for free).

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Title: Jude 1:2
Size: 10x8"
Style/Themes: Christianity, mercy, peace, love, scripture, gospel, inspirational, uplifting, supportive, comforting, friendship.

Printed to professional standards on premium quality, high gloss, archive-safe paper with fade-proof inks.


Cynthia S. said...

Thank you, for featuring my coasters. The Boston tragedy is sad and only God has the answers. Every time, something like this happens, whether it is in America or abroad, my heart aches for the families. It is so hard to lose your loved-ones and continue this walk. But, the Lord will hold us close. We will keep all of the families in our prayers and ask the Father to comfort them. Many blessings to you and yours~

Amelyza Powell said...

This World needs prayer and forgiveness...Thanks for featuring my necklace.

Emma in Wonderland said...

Tragedies like this are beyond understanding - as is the Lord Himself. Sometimes all we can do is forgive and pray and trust that that is enough.

Thank you for including my Jude photograph in such a poignant blog post.

Emma ♥